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Goal Setting Workshop

Hosted by Rebekah Saltzman, Professional Organizer

This is a recorded online event.

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In this 90 minute workshop you will learn how to:


Set your goals


Break them down to make them actionable


Create a vision board

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Figure out your organizational goals for your home, your business, and your life in general.

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Finally, get clarity when it comes to getting organized!

Learn what is holding you back from getting organized, why you can never seem to get out from under the clutter, and how you can actually reach your goals and have the home of your dreams. 

  • This is a one time only 90-minute workshop
  • You have access to this recorded workshop as long as you'd like it
  • The cost is only $5
  • Yes, you have to register to receive it and gain access to the workshop.
  • Nope, supplies aren't necessary - except your computer (unless you want to cut and paste with magazines!)

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Meet Rebekah...

Hi, I'm Rebekah Saltzman

In 2008 I had just given birth to twins and now there were 5 of us living in a cramped two bedroom apartment in New York. I was drowning in a sea of baby gear, laundry, papers, and gifts. There was always something I needed to buy, return, fix or declutter.

All the balagan combined with an endless “to do” list was draining my energy. I felt weighed down by the clutter. I never had enough time or space to get things organized and it made me feel like I just wasn’t good enough.

The thing was - I was organized! Everything had a place to live, my husband was on board with helping but there was just too much stuff. 

We couldn’t maintain organization because there was simply too much stuff. 

Finally, in 2012, we decluttered by adopting Zero Waste theories and now as a family we use less, we waste less. and we have less. 

In reality though, we have so much more than we ever had.

Clearing out the unnecessary  stuff made it easier to do things we wanted, achieve goals we had, and have more family quality time. 

Let me show you how you can also have more time, more space, more energy, more freedom, and help you adopt a system that helps you live your best life!

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Goal Setting Vision Board Workshop

January 17th at 1 PM EST 
(8 PM Israel Time)