Rebekah holds a degree in fashion design from Parsons School of Design, and for many years worked as a graphic designer.

Rebekah’s passion for the environment and helping people improve their lives drove her to change careers and create Balagan Be Gone.

Rebekah’s straightforward approach to managing “stuff” and her no-nonsense ability to get to the heart of what is important combines with her people skills to help people get control of their lives through organization.

By helping her clients streamline everything from clothing to papers to books and household goods, they have found that they get the most out of their possessions and stress less about managing it all. Rebekah uses her professional design skills to help her clients create organized and beautiful spaces for themselves and their families. In addition to eliminating “balagan” for her clients, her sense of style and function make the new “balagan-free” space one that everyone can enjoy.

Rebekah Decided to create Conquer Your Clutter so that she could teach people all over the world how to minimize clutter and maintain organization.

A native of Silver Spring, Maryland, Rebekah lives with her husband and three children in Israel. 


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